Update as of Monday Oct. 27th:  Flag football meets this evening at 6pm at Brewbaker Field to close out the final RARO Fall sports schedule of activities. Registrtaion for winter sport sctivitioes is on-going but will close this Wednesday for basketball and Friday for wrestling. Download the appropriate registration form from the RARO website, pick a form up at your child's school or drop by the RARO office to register. Keep your sons and daughters active throughout the winter months by participating in RARO sponsored activities!    


Welcome to the RARO website.

The mission of RARO is to serve the citizens of Lexington and Rockbridge County through community-minded offerings of wholesome recreational activities which promote betterment of mind, body and spirit; to encourage volunteer involvement and to foster qualities of fair play, teamwork, and inclusiveness.


RARO  Office Hours will be 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.


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